Carmela Visone

Singer, songwriter and producer

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Carmela Visone was born in Germany. With a Spanish mother and an Italian father, she grew up in the warmth of a family from the south of Italy who emigrated to Germany during the crisis of the 1960s. From an early age she was influenced by traditional Neapolitan music, which was always present in her family’s life. On the other hand, her mother used to listen to Afro-American music coming from the American military bases installed in the country. It was this crossbreeding of cultures that forged in her a marked vocation for musical miscegenation.

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Latest Albums

– Inner Fight

Published: 17/12/2020
Discography: RockCD Records
Format: Digital Download, CD

– Just An Art

Published: 29/9/2017
Discography: SGAE
Format: Digital Download, CD


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